The advantages of cylindrical printing nickel net
1. High opening rate: guarantee the amount of pulp during printing, can increase the printing output, and the product has bright colors, full patterns, and will not cause defects such as bottoming.
2. Uniform openings: the surface color of the printing is consistent, and there will be no two-sided depth and color difference, especially for the printing of high-end fabrics, the effect is better.
3. The inner wall of the hole wall is smooth: it is convenient for printing and printing, which can effectively increase the speed, increase the output and reduce the production cost.
4. Good toughness and brittleness: This product adopts a new process formula, which can strengthen the toughness of the product, have good pressure resistance and anti-torsion ability, greatly improve the service life, increase the number of repeated use of the product, and greatly reduce the production cost .
5. The surface of the cylindrical printing nickel mesh is smooth and clean, without fuzz and small spots; no plug holes and burrs, ensuring smooth printing and increasing printing output.