Preparation method of high temperature resistant cylindrical printing nickel mesh
A preparation method of a high temperature resistant printing rotary screen includes an inner layer made of nickel electroplating, two intermediate layers electroplated with copper are fixedly connected on the top surface and bottom surface of the inner layer, and the surfaces of the two intermediate layers are respectively fixed on the surface. The outer layer plated with nickel is densely covered with conical through holes arranged according to the thickness direction on the circular printing net composed of the inner layer, the two middle layers and the two outer layers.
The preparation method adopts the nickel-copper-nickel three-time composite electroplating method.
The cylindrical printing nickel mesh not only retains the good elasticity, easy re-rounding and wear resistance of the original printing nickel mesh when it is cold, but also utilizes the characteristics of copper softening after being heated, so that the printing circular mesh can be heated when it is heated. When the photosensitive adhesive is re-rounded or heated and cured, it does not become brittle and does not break the net, can be reused, prolongs the service life, and has high opening rate, better printing effect and low cost.